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Job Opportunities

All positions are for independent 1099 contract workers

We are always open to receiving applications from talented professionals in the video production industry. If you are interested in working with us, please fill out application below being sure to note your area of expertise the "position applied for" box. 


Video Producer / Account Executive


Is the video production industry your life’s passion? Do you have an innate entrepreneurial spirit? Are you unabashedly driven with no limits?


Colorado Video Productions (CVP) is searching for a partner to provide video producer / account executive services. You must be entrepreneurial, hard-working, loyal and creative.


Working alongside CVP's management team, you will assist with marketing to attract and nurture long-term clients. You will be a valued partner and visionary in all facets of business development that interest you.

(North American Video Productions is being developed to offer franchise opportunities throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico in the future.)


Your innovation, hard work and focus on excellence will be valued and rewarded. After 5 years of successfully working together, you will have an opportunity to own your own video production franchise within the US, Canada or Mexico.


Here are the "must have" and "nice to have" qualifications:




  • Located in Colorado, USA (or relocating to Colorado within one month of application)


  • Genuine passion and natural aptitude for video production 


  • Comfortable working in a Mac-based environment within Adobe Creative Suite


  • 5+ years of experience producing creative, engaging videos for live events, social media, websites or other video formats


  • Passionate about lifelong learning and keeping up with technological advances


  • Established as a self-employed, independent contractor (with history working as a 1099 independent contractor)


  • Vaccinated against Covid-19 (We film medical/health industry videos and need to keep vulnerable people we work with/around safe.)





  • Experience working with video production professionals (directors, audio engineers, animators, editors, etc) and a strong network of professionals you have worked with who have demonstrated excellence.


  • Possess strong people skills with experience in customer service and/or sales

  • Already invested in a Mac and some video production equipment. (Note: We own all equipment and a vehicle to provide complete video production services.)

  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a desire to own a video production company in the future





You will be compensated as an independent 1099 contractor In the following ways:


  • Commission from customers successfully acquired and nurtured. Details to be negotiated.


  • Day rate pay for on-set work and compensation for services rendered.


  • Profit sharing bonuses for meeting sales/revenue goals. Details to be negotiated.


  • After 5 years of successfully working together, you will be given the opportunity to own a franchise within the North American Video Productions umbrella. Details to be negotiated.

Upload Resume
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List any continuing education participated in past 5 years.
What is your Myers Briggs personality type? If you don't know, please take this free test and share your 5 letters.
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What is the most important element of video production? Why?
How would you handle this scenario?

You are working with a crew filming a high-profile speaker in front of a live audience. The goal is to capture footage that will be edited later and this is NOT a live broadcast. The speaker is known for his animated, energetic performance and sudden physical movements as he walks back and forth across the large stage. Following the speaker's movements is comparable to filming an unpredictable, fast-action sports event where the camera is following a ball or puck. There are 2 camera operators on tripods filming the speaker from different angles of the room and a 3rd hand-held camera operator focused on capturing audience reaction/interaction. Moments before the audience is allowed to enter and be seated (signaling the official start of filming after set up and all necessary visual/audio checks) the high-profile speaker calls the entire video production crew over to one camera with an "urgent request." As he points to the camera's small viewfinder screen, he demands the camera operator film the entire event of him in extreme close-up. He orders the camera operator to zoom in extremely tight on a person standing still on the stage as an example of what he wants. He orders this camera operator to keep the frame in extreme closeup while filming the entire event so in his words "viewers will be able to see his close-up facial expressions while watching him on small smart phone screens." The footage is being filmed in 4K and the final video is being requested in HD 1920 x 1080 for a final video that will be posted online. What is your response to the speaker's request? Why?


Thanks for submitting!

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