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3 Things To Consider When Dressing For Corporate Videos

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

These are the 3 most important things consider when choosing what you will wear on camera for a professional, corporate-style video.


Selecting the right style of jacket/shirt/blouse is important if you will be using a clip-on lavaliere microphone (also known as a lapel mic).

Make sure the fabric isn’t light or flimsy because the weight of the mic can drag the fabric down and out of place. It is best practice to hide the mic and cord by running the cord inside your shirt and bringing it out near the top. If the fabric is thin or see through, the mic cord could be visible on camera.

You will also need somewhere to place the transmitter, such as a waistband or pocket. If you’re planning to wear a one-piece dress, it is common practice to strap the transmitter around your leg with surgical tape.


Think about the image you want to portray on camera and how you want to represent your organization. Make sure to ask yourself:

  • Is what I’m wearing appropriate for what I’m talking about (the subject matter)?

  • Is what I’m wearing appropriate for who I’m talking to (the audience)?

  • Is it comfortable?

  • Does it fit properly and can I move around freely?

  • Do I feel confident in what I am wearing?

The last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your collar is crooked or your pants are just a little too tight.


Always select solid colors over colored prints or patterns, unless you are intentionally trying to portray a certain image. i.e. creating a Tommy Bahama casual beachwear look or dressing in clashing-colored, busy clothing patterns to portray a comical look that is intentional

The reason for selecting solid colors is simple: you want people to focus on you and your message, not your clothing.

What is the best color to wear? The camera loves rich jewel tones like sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple, turquoise and topaz yellow.

Choose warming colors like teal, cobalt, purple and coral because they pop on screen. For women, wearing a top in one of these bright shades will really warm up your face. For men, neckties are your best opportunity to add a punch of color.

Also consider the psychology of different colors and the emotions they portray. The 2 infographics below should help you make your decision when it comes to colors and selecting the right professional business attire for your video.

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